Santa In Coffey Park

Coffey Park Christmas

As Ronnie's vision quickly became a reality 30 strands turned into 60 and 60 grew to over 1000. One mans vision quickly became a communities road to recovery. Many organizations answered the call for assistance bringing in Food, Coffee, Bounce Houses, Lights, snow and even a functioning sleigh built in Coffey Park for the children to ride in during the festivities.

New year 2018

New Years In Coffey Park

As Christmas comes to a close all eyes are looking to the new year as 2018 will be a major turning point in the lives of many residing in Sonoma County. Coffey Park Rises is having a new years celebration to help all affected get ready for the trials and tribulations to come. We welcome all who wish to join us for this uplifting celebration of hope.


"You can burn an entire community to the ground but you can not take our communal Spirit"   -Ronnie Duval

Coffey Park Rises is a movement started by Ronnie Duval and is continued by Residents and Community Partners. It all started with 30 strands of Christmas tree lights in the pitch black of night and the desire to restore hope to a community that was devastated by the Northern California Wild Fires of 2017.